We learn from our mistakes – or do we?

As Parents, we want to guide and lead our children to make wise choices and it simply frustrates us to no end that they won’t listen to our advice.  We tell ourselves that we know better and because we love our children , we want to spare them the pain.  Truth be told, we want to save them from themselves.

If memory serves me right, when I was younger I like many other young person ignored my mother’s words of caution.  I thought that she “didn’t understand” and that I knew better.  She said to me “you’ll understand when you become a mother”.  You know those words have come back to haunt me as I see history repeating itself.  I talked, I reasoned, I lectured, I admonished and in the end, children seem to want to learn things the hard way.

No harm done if a child is able to recover and the lesson is imprinted on his/her brain.  What really confuses me is an adult who keeps making the same mistakes over and over and has not learned anything from experience.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

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