Your Legacy

Hearing about the recent death of someone, somewhat related to me, but whom I did not really know, got me wondering what legacy did he leave his children.  On the other hand, I went to meet my husband’s grand nephew (a beautiful baby, by the way) on Sunday and I knew that he has already acquired a great legacy from his grandparents and from his Mom and Dad.

In speaking of “legacy” I am not referring to the usual definition – which is “a gift by will especially of money or personal property” although we all want to provide a financial legacy for our family.  Rather, I am speaking of the other more general definition which is “something handed down or received from an ancestor or predecessor.”  What this child has been given is the legacy of valuing higher education, professionalism, security, high moral values and love.  I am sure there are many more values I could list but I am sure you get the idea

As an individual you have received a legacy from your parents.  What did they teach you by the way they lived their lives?  Did they teach you integrity, did they pass on good work ethics, did they teach you financial responsibility, and did they teach you how to value relationships?  Did they teach you by telling you what to do and what not to do or did they show you by example?  The latter way is definitely the best way. Even if their actions were more examples of what not to do, this is also a legacy – not to follow the example but to extract from it a lesson.

Regardless of what legacy you have received, remember you are now an adult who can make wise decisions to improve your life so that you in turn can leave a great legacy for your children and the world around you.

How will you be remembered when you’re gone?  Will the world be a better place by your having been here? Will you have made a positive difference in someone’s life.  Create your legacy now.

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