Be Still

Scott Jackson, Manager of the Christian Radio Station Life 103.1 in Barrie, Ontario, gave the sermon this morning. As part of his sermon, he shared with us a different kind of fasting which he does on Mondays.  He detaches himself from e-mails, facebook, unnecessary phone calls, and business.

 How absolutely brilliant to deliberately spend one day fasting from the busyness of life!

As I sit here on my deck on a quiet Sunday, I have chosen not to be glued to the T.V. even though I enjoy the Olympics. Instead, I am drinking in the quiet and peaceful afternoon, admiring the mostly  green lawn, beautiful flowers, and the sounds of a baby robin close by.  I can also hear the cooing of doves far away.  Suddenly, this peace is disturbed by the sound of an ambulance or a police vehicle in the distance.  It is after all a Summer week-end in Wasaga Beach when droves from the City (Toronto) and elsewhere come to enjoy the longest fresh water beach in the world .  It lasts only a few seconds and I quickly revert to my solitude.

The light rustling of the leaves of the birch and ash trees in the grove is soothing and I think of nothing else but how much I appreciate being able to relax and rejuvenate from a busy work week, and from being busy doing things I deem so important they cannot wait.  They are now out of the way and I do not dwell on them any longer.  All I can think of is why I am not still more often so that my mind, my body and my soul can refresh themselves.

Are you taking the time to be still at least once a week?


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