Imagine you have arrived

As we often do on weekends, my husband Ted and I are sitting at the breakfast table last Saturday sharing our thoughts.  This time the topic was retirement.  I asked him, “So, what does retirement look like to you?”  It became evident he had not given it too much thought except retirement meant he wouldn’t be working.

I suggested he should imagine how he would spend his time.  If he wanted to travel – where will he go, how long will he stay, when will he go, who will accompany him?  If he wanted to play more golf – where will he play, with whom will he play, how well will he play?  I told him to imagine that he was already retired and to picture himself living his life the way he truly wants and then experience how that would make him feel.

I proceeded to describe my perfect retirement life to him as an example.  It occurred to me that even though I had formulated my plan in my head, I had not shared this in detail with Ted before now.  As I spoke about my plans, they became more real to me and even more appealing.  There is power in sharing your goals, particularly with someone who will support you in attaining them.

Regardless of whether your goal is retirement, landing the perfect job or contract, travelling to an exotic place, purchasing that dream car, finding the perfect mate, describe it in writing or pictures (a vision board), share your goals only with someone who will support you and imagine you’ve already arrived, and ….eventually you will be there.  Of course, in between setting your goals and attaining them, you will need to take action in the pursuit of your dreams.

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