Time Passes

            I can’t believe that my last blog was Christmas of last year!  Here we are already past mid-August and only 131 days away from Christmas 2013.  Time for me to get busy blogging again.

Not that I haven’t been busy.   It’s been a busy 8 months, especially with the launch of my book “A Gift in Every Challenge” on April 16, 2013.  I was extremely relieved to finally hold the book in my hands after approximately 2 years of agonizing over the book, asking myself “Should I write it, what’s the purpose of it, what do I put in, what do I leave out and what messages do I want to convey and to whom?”  It was definitely fun to celebrate the launch of A Gift in Every Challenge with family, friends and associates.  Since I believe that individuals are empowered with knowledge and libraries are affordable resources of knowledge to the many who do not have the luxury of access to technology or finances to purchase books, I decided to use my book launch to raise funds to donate to my local library.   Along with the donation of funds, I gifted my book, A Gift in Every Challenge, together with another book “The Joy of an Ex” to the library.  The Joy of an Ex is a collective effort by 52 divorce professionals (including moi)  to educate  the public about legal issues and the processes relating to divorce.

The feedback received for “A Gift in Every Challenge”  validated my reasons for writing this book and I hope you will indulge me as I share a few of them with you.


I read a very interesting book on our family vacation last week – wow – very interesting Rose, haven’t read a book in awhile that I couldn’t put down til it was done !!!! I’m impressed !!! (Steve K., Rostock, Ontario, Canada)

LOVED IT!!!! Kept it in a special place for reference. (Kathryn C. – Collingwood, Ontario, Canada),

What an inspiration to everyone.  It made me appreciate my life and I don’t ever want to complain about anything.  Thank you for sharing !!!!!!!!!” (Cathy W.- Rostock, Ontario, Canada),

Just a note to let you know I read your book, WOW, it’s some book.  Couldn’t put it down and your mother deserves a medal for what she went through.  Will let (my daughter) read it.” (Margaret B. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have never written to any book author before for I am not an avid or voracious reader and therefore have a very short list of books under my belt.  But I felt an urge to write to you for I found your book “A Gift in Every Challenge” riveting and so interesting that I read chapter after chapter in each reading session.  Unusual for me, a slow reader! I congratulate you on your excellent prose and down-to-earth style.  If a reader is not inspired by your book, he or she needs to read again and pay more attention!  (Phillip Y. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I finished reading Rose’s book and was very inspired by it. (Christine B – U.S.A.),

“I just finished reading Rose’s book “A Gift in Every Challenge” and found it to be very inspiring and thought provoking.  It is a great teaching tool with a lot of insight into people’s struggles and how to make the best of a situation and not lose faith.  The book is well written and I will pass it on to (name withheld) with the hope that she will gain a new appreciation of how to overcome obstacles in her own life. (Marion M. – U.S.A.),

I just finished reading your book…..ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

I felt I could connect on so many different levels, it is truly inspiring and realize I can be happy no matter the outcome.  I know in my heart that it is a time for self searching and evaluation of my life, a time for change and forgiveness.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life and all the words of advice which I appreciate whole heartedly. (Debbie L., Ontario, Canada)

I am glad (I read your book) for all the reasons you can imagine.  I could go into a long explanation of how wonderful the book was, how courageous it was to write, how much I got out of it in a general sense, how much I got out of it knowing you personally, where I cried, where I laughed, etc., etc.  But I really meant that I got out of it everything that I think you hoped that people will get out of it. (Brett D. – Barrie, Ontario)

“I just finished your book today.  Wow !!! It was very moving.  I feel as if I was with you as I turned every page.” (Kerry L. – United Kingdom)

Tell Rose I very much enjoyed her book! I downloaded it to my Kindle on Tuesday and went out on the patio for a 15 minute soak in the sun. I didn’t put it down for 2 ½ hours. I ordered a hard-back for (my wife).

 I am sure she will be getting a lot of good feedback. My lack of feedback is not because I have nothing to say, but so much I wouldn’t know where to start. (Mel G. –  U.S.A.)


There are other reviews posted on www.amazon.com and www.amazon.ca   I am so blown away by the feedback and so grateful that these individuals took the time to comment.  I hope that those of you who haven’t read “A Gift in Every Challenge”, will do so and recommend it to others.  I firmly believe there is a message of hope for anyone who has ever experienced a challenge – and who of us have not?

I was also especially blessed with the addition in January of a lovely granddaughter, Katherine, to our family and true to my resolve I am spending more quality time with my grandchildren which now number four.

I am also excited to report that I attended Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s Move People to Action seminar www.movepeopletoaction.com in Connecticut this Summer and was actually moved to action.  You must read her book “Shatter your Speed Limits”.  At the seminar, I met a fellow author, Joyce Li, who wrote “Re-imagine your Retirement”.    I recommend that you read this book also which is available on www.amazon.com

I have also been actively developing workshops to commence in Fall 2013 and I will share more about those in my next blog (which will be much shorter in length).

So, time passes, whether or not you fill your time with actions which will move you towards the realization of your goals or whether you spend your time in unproductive activities.  How will you pass your time?  Until my next blog, be well and live a meaningful life.

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