How solid are your dreams/goals?

Have you ever shared your plans or dreams with someone only to have them shot down by a well meaning friend or colleague?  Or have you found yourself in the middle of pursuing your dreams to have unexpected criticism?

If you have, it is understandable if you find yourself second guessing whether or not your plan is sound or feeling a compulsion to shrink back from pursuing your dream.  Hopefully, you had already formulated your plans and determined that you would move heaven and earth to accomplish your dreams – in which event your reaction would be only a momentary surprise.  Having found your big WHY, you simply get back on track to reach your goals.

If, on the other hand, you had not properly formulated your plans for accomplishing your goals, now would be the time to work through the process of determining your goals ensuring that your goals are those for which you would do whatever it takes to accomplish them no matter what, and then take action to accomplish them.

Having been recently certified as an Action Formula Leader, I now know the reasons why many people do not accomplish their goals.  Action is required but before you take action, you need to work through the other steps to ensure your action will bring you the results you desire.

What goals have you made that you have not been able to accomplish?



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