Will you be proud of your legacy?

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  Mother’s Day this year, May 11, 2014, marks the 25th anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  This got me thinking about her legacy.  The word “legacy” automatically elicits images of money, investments and property but a legacy represents much more than that. 

Unfortunately, my Mother’s life had been a constant struggle because of her circumstances and so when she passed away there was very little money left for each of us five children, while providing for my Dad who was still alive to ensure he would not be a burden to any of us.  Even so, what little money my Mother left behind was still admirable considering her circumstances.  (Her story is an incredible one which you can read about in my book called “A Gift in Every Challenge.”)

The non-financial part of her legacy is worth a life’s fortune to me.  Mama, as I called her, demonstrated that honesty and integrity were not to be sold for any reason, that it was important to commit to goals and to take action towards them despite adversity, and when you respect others they will respect you.  Her life showed that if your mind can conceive and your heart can believe, you can achieve your goals. She was grateful for all small blessings and her faith in God was unfailing.  She assisted others whenever and wherever she could.  She lived a life being of service.

Strange how years after her life, I have come to realize that all I had to do was to study her actions to learn all the life lessons I needed.  The personal development books, mentors and programs I have studied are all summarized in the life of my mother, Mary Lee, an indomitable woman.

I then turned to my own life and wondered what legacy it is that I am leaving for my children and grand children.  Monetarily, they will be far better off than I was when Mama died, but I worry less about that legacy than the other kind of legacy I want to leave for them.  I hope they will see that my life was about being the best that I could be, that it is important to find and fulfil your purpose, and that life is a life-long learning process. Care in choosing who we want in our lives as our partners and our friends is very important because they shape who we become and the most prized quality one can have is being authentic. Most importantly live the life you love and hurt no one. 

I believe I am proud of the legacy I will leave for my children and grandchildren.  Are you?  If not, now is a good time to start building your legacy.

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