About Rose


Rose Pellar is the author of A Gift in Every Challenge.  Rose felt compelled to write this book about her mother’s story to inspire other women to dare to dream and overcome whatever challenges may confront them.  In this book Rose also bravely shares her own story to drive the message home that every challenge presents an opportunity and we need only unwrap the gift in every challenge.

Rose has also commenced working on her next book The Perils, the Pitfalls and the Pleasures of Re-marriage.  For this book, she will be interviewing 50 men and 50 women who have been re-married at least once.  Click here to participate.


Rose ‘s mission is to “make a positive difference in the lives of others.”  It is then no wonder that she has chosen speaking engagements as one of her preferred ways of reaching large audiences for an opportunity to change as many lives as she can.


Rose conducts workshops in person as well as by way of tele-seminars and webinars.  The workshops all have one ultimate goal – that of being the best you ever.  However, each workshop deals with specific situations:  Finding your Authentic Self, Divorce to Happiness, Selecting the Right Partner , Setting goals for all areas of your life, Staying in Love Forever, etc.  Watch for upcoming workshops.

Rose’s other life:

Rose is also a Family Law Lawyer (Pellar Family Law Professional Corporation) who assists divorcing individuals to resolve their issues in the most cost-effective and respectful manner.  She also assists individuals to structure their cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts to protect their interests.

Serving her clients is extremely important to Rose but she also reserves her energy and her time for her husband Ted, family and friends.