A Gift in Every Challenge relates the story of one woman for whom divorce was not an option and her daughter’s story for whom divorce was the only option.  The stories inspire the reader to find the courage to overcome and use challenges as stepping stones to a meaningful life.

Gift in Every Challenge is an unforgettable book.  You will be haunted by the pain and oppression endured by Mary and her children as well as being inspired by their courage, valor, and resourcefulness.  In a time and a place where women were considered property at best, the remarkable women of the Lee family rose above poverty, sexism, racism, and abuse to build happy and secure lives.  Every woman who reads this book will be empowered and strengthened by its message.
Lynne Klippel- Author of Overcomers, Inc.

Rose is already working on her next book, The Perils, Pitfalls and Pleasures of Remarriage.  This book will feature interviews and insights from couples just like you that either are remarried, or are considering remarriage.  If you would like to participate in this project, click here.

Rose has been the recipient of two prestigious awards from the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Athena Leadership Award and The Customer Service Excellence Award.

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