How solid are your dreams/goals?

Have you ever shared your plans or dreams with someone only to have them shot down by a well meaning friend or colleague?  Or have you found yourself in the middle of pursuing your dreams to have unexpected criticism? If you have, it is understandable if you find yourself second guessing whether or not your […]

Imagine you have arrived

As we often do on weekends, my husband Ted and I are sitting at the breakfast table last Saturday sharing our thoughts.  This time the topic was retirement.  I asked him, “So, what does retirement look like to you?”  It became evident he had not given it too much thought except retirement meant he wouldn’t […]

Plan your day – Plan your life

Lately, I have found myself darting from one task to the next, sometimes completing very few and ending the day in a state of frustration.  Thankfully I recently found myself listening to a recording in which Brian Tracy addressed setting goals and the importance of each day doing at least three things that bring me […]

Three years from now…

Three years from now, what would have to happen to make you feel you have progressed or succeeded?    Now, imagine – what does it look like? This question was posed by Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach, in an audio interview with Darren Hardy (Publisher of Success Magazine) in their May 2012 issue. It surprised […]