Are you living with integrity (i.e. living as the person you truly are) or are you living your life according to what your parents, your spouse, your friends, your profession and others expect of you?  There are many individuals who are doing work they hate or merely tolerate just because of the pay check, they […]

Imagine you have arrived

As we often do on weekends, my husband Ted and I are sitting at the breakfast table last Saturday sharing our thoughts.  This time the topic was retirement.  I asked him, “So, what does retirement look like to you?”  It became evident he had not given it too much thought except retirement meant he wouldn’t […]

Finding the right fit

  I often buy shoes simply because I love how they look and fit when I first try them on. Unfortunately, sometimes on the  first or second occasion I wear my “perfect find” only to discover that they are uncomfortable.  Since I do not wish to admit I invested poorly, I usually wear them a few more times – maybe too […]

Your Legacy

Hearing about the recent death of someone, somewhat related to me, but whom I did not really know, got me wondering what legacy did he leave his children.  On the other hand, I went to meet my husband’s grand nephew (a beautiful baby, by the way) on Sunday and I knew that he has already […]

Plan your day – Plan your life

Lately, I have found myself darting from one task to the next, sometimes completing very few and ending the day in a state of frustration.  Thankfully I recently found myself listening to a recording in which Brian Tracy addressed setting goals and the importance of each day doing at least three things that bring me […]