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Rose inspires her audiences to believe in themselves and their dreams.  Her engaging manner draws the audiences into her story to experience the struggles and challenges of the characters as well as to  rejoice in their accomplishments.  Audiences have credited Rose for inspiring them to make positive changes in their lives.

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Other Topics

Self Growth and Relationships:

Relationships thrive when both individuals are whole, not broken.  Relationships are also present opportunities for growth even when and particularly if the relationship is not totally satisfying.  In your intimate personal, social, and business lives you are constantly in relationships of some form or the other.  In fact, life is all about relationships.  Learn how to have satisfying and yes even fantastic relationships in both your personal and business relationships.

Finding the Right Partner – being the right partner:

I often hear individuals say they can’t find the “right one” for them.  Nine times out of ten, these individuals have not defined what qualities the “right one” must have.  In order to select the “right one” you need a list of your “must haves” and your “don’t wants”, otherwise you will settle for whatever comes your way “just in case.”  In order to determine the qualities you are seeking, you must first know who you are and what kind of a partner you are.  Learn how to figure out what kind of person you are and who will satisfy both your wants and your needs.

Staying in Love Forever:  Tips for couples to keep love in the marriage:

“And they lived happily ever after” seems to suggest, that happiness just happens as a result of saying “I do.”  A divorce rate past the 50% mark suggests otherwise.  The catch phrase used by many individuals ending the marriage is “He fell out of love with me” or “I am just not in love with him anymore.”  Do you want to learn how to stay in love forever?  Get practical steps on how to keep the love alive in the marriage and change the phrase to:  “they decided to live happily ever after and …  they did.”

Growing through Divorce vs. Going through Divorce:

In a divorce, you are either the one deciding to end the marriage or your spouse is.  Regardless of who made the decision, something happened to bring you to this very significant change in your life.  You can go through Divorce: the legal battles, the blaming, the anger, and the depression, wanting revenge, etc. and allow the experience to wear you down emotionally, financially and physically.  On the other hand, you can choose to grow through Divorce, turning that unfortunate event in your life into a life lesson.  When you become more fully aware of your character, personality and your abilities, you will learn to value yourself and not allow someone else to determine your worth and become more confident in the pursuit of your goals.

Authenticity – the key to happiness:

When you learn to live in congruence with who you are at your inner core instead of being someone you believe you are expected to be, you and only you will determine what it is you need to be happy.  You learn not to settle for less than you deserve, you hold true to your values and you make wiser choices, whether it is a career choice, friends you allow in your life, your lifestyle, your life mate and your destiny. Be authentic – be happy.

Forgiveness – the best gift you can give yourself:

The belief that when you forgive someone you are giving a gift to the one who has wronged you is a common misperception.  When you believe you have been wronged, it is your reaction to what someone else has done to you.  So, when you forgive the other person, you are actually giving yourself permission to let go of the hurt you were feeling.  Is this not then, a gift to yourself?   Rose explores what forgiveness really means and what forgiveness is not, persuading audiences to engage in introspection and to give themselves the gift of forgiveness.


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