The Perils, Pitfalls and Pleasures of Re-marriage

Statistics show that individuals who divorce are likely to re-marry and the divorce rate of those who re-marry are significantly higher than first marriages.  So why do individuals re-marry?  What are the perils and pitfalls and what benefits are there of re-marriage?

The Author of this book intends to flesh out from a poll of 50 men and 50 women the varying reasons why individuals re-marry, what thought process (if any) went into making this decision, what they found to be the perils and the pitfalls of re-marriage and what steps did they take to ensure there was more pleasure than pain in marrying for the second or third time.

This book will elicit thought provoking questions for those about to re-enter marriage, entertain those who are already re-married, or divorced from their second spouse, and provide tips for making love last forever.

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